Midway through November and we are finally starting to get hints of ice season.  A little different from last year, when we were ahead of normal for ice by this time, but we can only receive what mother nature gives us. 

Much like summer, this autumn has been a little off as well.  Some deer hunters report good rut activity in the woods, and some do not.  Starting this weekend, it is the start of the Wisconsin deer rifle hunt.  Most anglers have parked their boats and will be donning their brilliant orange or hot pink uniforms this Saturday and will be know as tree pumpkins. 

Hunters will be saddled up in a tree for most of the nine-day season and looking forward to the solitary relaxation of being in the woods. I will be talking with some remaining anglers to get an idea of what is happening on our lakes.  For all you hunters and anglers out and enjoying the great outdoors.

Area lake temperatures have been dropping to lower 40s, depending of course what body of water you are fishing.  As of this report, some small ponds and even the likes of the some rivers have seen some skim ice.  Water temperatures everywhere will now keep dropping down until ice up. 

For those that are still getting out, concentrate efforts shallow.   It is important as always not to spook fish.   A good tactic this time of year is long casting stick baits and slow retrieves.  The best bite window will be in the mid-afternoons, when the sun and air temperatures are highest. 

Whatever you activity is this weekend be well, safe and dress warm.  Good luck.