“Of all the places we have been I can think of none more beautiful and peaceful. The fishing was excellent and the wildlife was spectacular: from the eagles soaring overhead, the otters frolicking in the bay, the beavers busy at their lodge, the deer, to the sweetest chipmunk under our steps.”

Terry and Shari Beaudoin

“As always we thoroughly enjoyed our Teal Lake visit. It’s so much fun to introduce our children to the Northwoods – they felt very much at home and were ready to stay for the rest of the summer! (We all were!)”


“The Quiet Lakes are my water therapy.”

Duane Goeske

“My life dream was to catch a legal musky and I had to come here from Hawaii to fulfill it.”

Susanne Brown

“Your chances of catching a legal musky are greatest on the Quiet Lakes.”

Pete Maina

“I didn’t mind being awakened in the middle of the night by the haunting bugle of an elk!”

Greg VanMeter

“We can never get enough of this north woods paradise.  The loons provided a concert of varied calls like nothing we had ever heard before.”

Ellie Suhl

“It is dangerous to introduce paradise to our hectic city minds, yet the peace and quiet beauty was a tranquilizer much needed.”

Joan Riordan

“Why can’t we see stars like this at home?”

Maggie Burns (9)