Good morning, October is here! Air temps are about perfect right now with very low humidity and crisp mornings. Water temps are dropping pretty quickly now, with guys/gals telling me they are seeing mid to upper 50s on most lakes.  The sucker bite for musky should really be getting good in the next couple of weeks around here. 

Musky–The live bait bite for musky is heating up with lots of guys/gals seeing fish sniffing suckers but not committing.  A couple of nice fish have been caught on jointed crank baits as well.  Continue working the weed edges with all baits (even topwaters), as most fish will still be haunting the bait fish relating to the weeds.  
Northern pike–Northern pike will also be relating to the weeds, and should be active hitting crank baits, jerk baits, and even walleye suckers/small musky suckers.  Lots of times casting will bring fish in and they will take the easy live bait meal by the side of the boat.  

Walleye–The walleye bite has continued to be tough around the quiet lakes area, however most fish should be relating to rocks/sandy bottoms that are adjacent to the deeper basins that they will stay in the winter months. Jigs rigged with fathead minnows or chubs are the most popular options for targeting walleye right now.  

Largemouth bass–I haven’t got a lot to report on the bass bite right now.  Most anglers are targeting musky/walleye/crappie which probably leaves a good bass bite for people who want to fish for them!  Crank baits that suspend/slowly rise are good options this time of year as are walk the dog style baits that have a good pause to them.  Fish the same cover as you would in the summer as most fish will still relate to those spots.

Smallmouth bass–Smallies will be relating to the same spots as walleye and there is a good chance you will catch both on the same presentations.  Baits such as Rapala husky jerks or Smithwick rogues that suspend and get down in the water column are good choices.  Other crankbaits and plastics jigged on weighted jig heads also work well.  

Crappie–I am hearing crappie are hugging bottom in deeper water.  Slip bobber rigs set up a few feet above these fish are catching them.  Jigging with small jig heads and plastics/live bait are catching as well.  

Bluegill/Perch–The bluegill and perch bite is happening in the weeds right now as they are hiding from predators.  Look for weed beds that are still green and you will find them holding good numbers of fish.  Live bait and small jigs tipped with small plastics are catching panfish right now.  

Anybody who is in the musky tournament good luck and everyone else have a great weekend!!