Ice reports are still good with 18″ +/- on the main lakes.  Accessing the lakes should still be good, but be mindful of areas where there is flowing water and snow melt on the South shorelines.  Overall fishing is still going strong with a good crappie bite. Last ice is generally some of the best ice fishing of the year for panfish as all species of panfish will be amped up for the spawn and the changing conditions under the ice.  Make sure you have your 2022/2023 fishing license if you are heading out!!!!!!!
Bluegill/Crappie/Perch– Focus on weedbeds as all of these fish will be moving shallow to start getting ready for spawning.  Fish should be aggressive with new oxygen coming into the lake from melting snow and open creek/river inlets.  Up sizing jigs a little bit tipped with minnows/minnow heads and bigger plastics or multiple waxies will ice the bigger fish in the school. Making noise with bigger jigging spoons or jigging raps with rattles will call fish in. There will be more noise under the water this time of year so dont be afraid to be a bit louder.  Try to find weeds that are starting to develop where there is good light penetration.  Look for sandy bottom areas with some weed cover and fish the whole water column, anywhere in 5-15 feet of water.  Longer days mean longer feeding windows so the action should stay more consistent throughout the day.