Good morning from the Quiet Lakes, it is currently drizzling here but looks to be done in an hour or so.  The only other chance of rain I see this week is Tuesday and that chance is under 60% so we will see. A big cold front tonight only has a high of 59 tomorrow but mid to upper 70s the rest of the week.  Fishing has been fair to good lately despite the weather we have had the last week.  Water temps are currently mid to upper 60s on most of the lakes in the area.

Musky–The musky bite has slowed down a bit since opening weekend, anglers are seeing fish there just doesn’t seem to be many hitting the bottom of the net.  Look for musky in and around shallow weeds/structure during the day and fish shorelines around dusk.  Lots of reports of walleye and smallies coming up shallow at that time and musky will follow the bait.  Bucktails, jerkbaits, and rubber/swimbaits will all produce fish right now.

Pike–The pike have still been tearing up everything from small crankbaits, top water frogs , and all sorts of livebait from crappie minnows to nightcrawlers. Anglers should find pike in shallow weedy bays, mid lake humps with weeds, and any kind of weedy shorelines.  Look for fish anywhere from 4-10 FOW.

Walleye–It sounds like the walleye bite is starting to transition to a leech under a slip bobber bite.  It depends on the lake, but eyes’ are holding deeper during the day, say 10-20 FOW and coming into the shallows at night.  Anglers have been doing well jigging minnows for these walleye too.

LMB–The largemouth bite has been solid, lots of fish on crawlers and live bait, and some on spinnerbaits and chatterbaits.  Largemouth should be relatively shallow right now as they are most likely at some point in the spawn.  If you see big circle beds with fish protecting them, throw a wacky rigged worm or drop shot and hold on, bass are very protective and will strike anything messing with their nursery!  

SMB–Smallies should be just about done spawning, and lots of anglers have done well with slip bobbers and leeches on walleye spots and off docks at dusk.  Don’t be afraid to fish high in the water column for smallies, as last year I had multiple anglers report they caught big smallies on topwater baits all summer.

Crappie–On the Quiet Lakes the crappie bite has probably been the toughest this spring.  The water just didn’t warm up quick and that had crappie all over the place.  Some came in and spawned, others stayed out deep, and others still have had eggs in them as of a few days ago.  Anglers should find crappie anywhere from 6-10 FOW right now and crappie minnows should still be first choice to target fish.  Artificial baits such as Kalins crappie scrubs, and Charlie Brewers sliders rigged on a jighead have been working too.

Bluegill/Perch–I honestly don’t have much of a report on gills or perch right now, but both should be in shallow water and staging for spawn.  Leaf worms, nightcrawlers and leeches under a bobber will catch panfish right now.  

Have a great weekend everyone and we will talk soon!