Good evening from the Quiet lakes, sending the report early as we are hosting our 12U girls State hockey tournament this weekend. Almost zero precipitation for the next 15 days according to the weather channel. Temps this coming week look to be in the mid to upper 50s until the end of the week. It sounds like the ice is deteriorating quickly and will continue to do so next week. I heard tonight that lake Chetek is open, most of the Chippewa Flowage is open, there are big open shorelines on Teal and Spider lakes and Hayward lake is open from the 77 bridge all the way into the main lake and possibly more. We can’t call it ice out just yet, but it’s safe to say the ice fishing season is as good as over. I had zero anglers in the bait shop this week, so I literally have no report on any kind of inland lake fishing. I have heard reports of anglers already trolling up on Lake Superior for Trout and Salmon and doing well on Smelt and Herring up there.

Again, I encourage people to come up and knock out projects they may have before the fishing season starts. We have great weather and no mosquitos to deal with yet!!

Have a great weekend everyone and we will talk soon.