Good morning from the Northwoods, while the weather is pleasant for some outdoor activities and great for people who don’t prefer winter, it is not conducive to ice making or winter sports.  Most of the little amount of snow we received is gone and we are losing ice.  This week of weather is all over the place, with high temps ranging from 28 degrees to 46 degrees.  Very little if any precipitation is in the forecast…..about an inch of snow today and nothing after that for the next 15 days.   I don’t think we will lose any more ice as it is supposed to be well below freezing every night and down into the teens most nights.  

A few anglers have ventured out on the area lakes and while there are some safe spots to fish, most of the lakes have open water again now or very thin ice.  I’m hearing reports of anywhere from 3 to 5″ of ice on area lakes, which is down from the beginning of the week when we are at 5 to 7″ on those same lakes.  I have no reports of anyone doing any good catching fish, so cant give an actual “fishing report”.

I will reiterate this week that again anglers need to be very cautious if they venture on to the ice.  NO ice is safe ice, and after this warmup we have had and the current weather forecast it is going to be sketchy at best.  Check and double check ice as you go out, let people know you are going out before you go and when they should expect you back, be mindful of changing conditions throughout the day.  

I wish I had a better report for everyone, but it is what it is. Plenty of time for late archery season to tag your buck or doe. Have a great weekend and we will talk soon!