Good morning quiet lakes, kind of gloomy yesterday and a fair amount of rain last night, and looks like a mixed bag this week for weather.  Looks good to start with mild temps during the day and cooling off at night, with some rain later in the week.  Fishing has been pretty good lately with the musky fishing still hot and lots of reports on good crappie/panfishing as well as northern pike and bass.  

Musky–Musky fishing has continued to be good this week, still lots of fish on bucktails and spinners, but also hearing reports of fish eating gliders, jerkbaits, bulldawgs and medussas.  Fish are still relating to weeds/structure so thats a good place to start your search if you get out fishing.  

Northern pike–Lots of reports from guys/girls who are targeting other species that are catching northern. Fish are coming on small crappie set ups and walleye set ups alike.  Spinner baits and crankbaits are also producing northern catches right now.  I’m hearing reports of kids catching quite a few from docks with small set ups and also out on main lake structure, so northern can be anywhere this time of year. There is really no wrong way to target northern pike.

Walleye–Not a lot to report on the walleye bite but finesse seems to be working in the area.  Lindy rigs, bottom bouncers and baits being pulled around the bottom are what guys are using right now. Ned rigs, and drop shotting is also working on walleye and smallmouth as well.  Fish are relating closer to bottom both in the basins and around the deep weed edges depending on the body of water you are on.

Largemouth bass–Spinner baits and chatter baits are still producing for quality largemouth.  Fish are holding in weeds and shore lines with lily pads or bullrushes.  Using frogs and topwater baits over this cover and spinner baits and chatter baits in main lake weed beds are great ways to target largemouth.  Rigged worms worked through cover will also catch fish.

Smallmouth bass–Smallies are holding on deeper bottom structure/transitions from hard to soft bottom.  Ned rigs, wacky rigged worms, drop shots are all good choices for finessing smallies.  Crank baits worked over the same structure works well for aggressive fish.  

Crappie–The crappie bite has been solid the past couple of weeks, with most fish being caught on crappie minnows worked through the weed beds.  Gulp! minnows and Kalin’s crappie scrubs cast out on small jig heads has also been a great producer lately.  

Bluegill–Bluegill have been mixed in with the crappie lately so using the same presentations will work for both.  Also live bait such as crawlers under a hook and bobber never goes out of style for panfish so be sure to use that off of docks, and on the boat.  

Perch–Perch will fall into the same presentations and structure as the other panfish, and can be caught the same way.  

Not a super in depth report this week, but the bite has been pretty stable with the same presentations the last couple weeks so more of a refresher!!  Have a great weekend.