Good morning, yesterday was nasty weather rain, wind, cold, another weekend of musky fishing weather!  I hooked up with a decent 35-1/4″ about 11:15 am so it made the day worth it.  The rest of the week looks nice with temps in the 50s and only a slight chance of rain Thursday and Friday.  Water temps are right at 50 degrees and will probably not change much with next weeks weather.  Not much else to report on other species as almost all of the anglers coming into the bait shop are musky hunting right now.  
Musky–The musky bite is hot right now, lots of anglers doing well on suckers and artificial lures.  From what I am hearing and seeing, fish are still pretty shallow working edges adjacent to deep water. The fish I caught and the fish we verified for another boat were both right on the weed edge and both on suckers.  
Northern pike–I did hear a few anglers catching some nice northern over the past week, some also on suckers but mostly on smaller bucktails and faster moving artificial baits.  Work these same edges and look for weeds that are still a healthy green to locate pike.
Walleye–Still had another angler who said they were finding walleye right off the dock in the evening so some fish are up shallow.  I had a few guys in this week that were fishing the chip and found walleye in deeper water of off points. So as the water temps keep dropping big fish are going to chase the forage so move around and try new things if you don’t find fish where you expect them.
LMB–No report on largemouth this week.
SMB–No report on smallmouth this week either. 
Crappie/bluegill/perch–Going to lump all of the panfish together this week because I am just not hearing much on a bite for any of these species.  The last I have heard was that crappie were still in deep water while gills and perch were mostly being caught in weed beds.  
It really didn’t change much from last week.  Have a great weekend and we will talk soon.