Good morning from the Quiet Lakes, looks like we are in for a soggy week.  We have very high chances of rain everyday for the next 7 days with temps kind of up and down in that time as well.  Mostly 70s with a couple 80+ degree days sprinkled in.  Lows at night are staying warmer which should help warm the lakes up a bit and get fish active.  I have not heard a number on water temps, but they should be mid to upper 60s with the weather we have had.  Fishing has been tough for most species from the reports I am getting.

Musky–The musky bite has been decent but not great.  Lots of fish lazily following baits but not commiting.  Smaller presentations seem to be the most consistent way to put fish in the bag, with Mepps #5s and Musky Killers doing the trick.  A few fish still being caught by walleye/bass anglers on small jigs and plastics as well.  Throw small and fish weeds.

Pike–Pike have still been eating anything and everything around them.  Top water baits such as frogs and poppers, spinner baits, crankbaits, and live bait are still getting pikes attention.  Shallow weed beds are prime spots for pike right now.

Walleye–Walleye have been all over the place from lake to lake, as I have heard some anglers doing well on deep transitions and some doing well way up shallow on rocks.  Fathead minnows or leeches on jigs seem to be producing, but the walleye on shallow rocks hit a musky glide bait in about 3 feet of water!?!  Sometimes I wonder if knowing nothing about fishing would be better off than trying everything you think you know and not getting results while targeting any species!!!!

LMB–The largemouth bite has been pretty good and fish are starting to hit on topwater baits.  Frogs, poppers, and prop style baits are working as well as plastic worms jigged in and around weeds.  Bigger minnows, crawlers, and leeches are working if you want to fish live bait presentations.

SMB–The smallie bite has been good lately particularly at dusk when fish are pushing up shallower and chasing baitfish.  Anglers are catching them on live bait and artificials both with leeches doing well for live bait and plastics on jigs, and top water baits doing well for artificial baits.  Rocky, sandy shorelines seem to be holding smallies right now during both high and low light conditions.

Crappie–The crappie never really materialized this spring and anglers are still finding them to be very hit or miss.  It sounds like anglers are finding crappie anywhere from 6-12 FOW and minnows seem to be the best way to catch them.  Anglers not wanting to use live bait may see success casting out small jig heads with plastics on them.  Sliders and Crappie Scrubs are working as well as Mimic Minnows.  

Bluegill/Perch–Anglers are seeing lots of beds in shallow areas so gills should be very close to if not spawning.  Crawlers underneath a bobber or slip float should make a fun day of fishing for gills.  Leeches will also work for both gills and perch.  

I wish I had a better report, but it’s a grind out there. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there and I hope everyone has a great weekend.