Good morning from the Queit Lakes, it sounds like all of the lakes in the area are ice free! From the records we have here this is the earliest since 1996 by at least 2 weeks. As great as that is, and how nice the weather has been, it looks like we are in for a long stretch of cooler weather with the potential for rain and snow starting next weekend and lasting for a few days. That is a ways off, so time will tell what happens then. I have seen a handful of anglers pulling boats to landings in the area, so let the open water season begin! Of course it’s panfish only and catch and release largemouth/smallmouth bass until the first weekend in May.

I have no reports on anyone fishing as of yet, my guess is crappie and panfish may already be holding to cover as there should be good weeds for them to hide in. With no snow cover on the lakes, and thin ice all season the light penetration allowed for green weeds all the way through the ice season. It is hard to say though as water temps are still going to be very cold. If any trout anglers are reading this, the catch and release season is currently open until May 3rd. Water levels are very low in the creeks and rivers so fish should be concentrated in fishable pockets of water. Fly fishing is certainly the most popular way to target trout in rivers, however anglers could do well with small inline spinners and smaller jigging minnows such as mimic minnows.

Decent weather and open water so come on up to fish or work on the cabin!! I remember many times fishing for crappie in a snowsuit as a kid when we would come up to Lost Land Lake in the spring, as just after ice out is a great time to target them!

Take care and have a great weekend everybody!


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