Good morning, we got a lot of thunder and lightning the other night, and about an 1-1/2″ of rain. Nothing severe to report around here which is good. The week ahead looks good with temps in the 70s and 80s and very little chances of rain. The water levels have come up nicely in the last few weeks from the rains we have gotten and temps are holding in the low 70s on the lakes right now. The fishing report is kind of all over the place so let’s get into it…

Musky–The musky bite continues to be good as we only have 2 open spots on our 2nd musky chart. Almost 70 fish since opener, and I know others have been caught that didn’t make the charts! Lots of fish are still chasing bucktails and faster moving baits, and also have guys doing well on bigger rubber baits such as medussas and bulldawgs. It sounds like musky are still up pretty shallow and relating to weeds and other shallow structures.

Northern pike–The pike bite hasn’t been as hot as it was but anglers are still seeing pike here and there. Most anglers are getting pike on bass/musky stuff right now including spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, topwater frogs and small bucktails. Pike are also related to shallow weedy bays for the most part from what I am told.

Walleye–The walleye bite has been tough around the quiet lakes lately but I have heard a few reports of fishing being found in deeper water out in the basins. Trolling crankbaits to find active fish is a good way to start and if that doesn’t work slowing down and drifting/trolling with bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses or lindy rigs should also produce fish.

LMB–The largemouth bite is still hot with anglers catching bass on just about everything. Topwater baits are still working as are spinner/chatter baits and even live bait. Walleye suckers seem to be catching the bigger bass as far as live bait goes. Most anglers are finding bass relating to weeds also whether its weed beds in bays or lily pads along shorelines and even pockets of bullrushes.

SMB–The smallmouth bite has been excellent lately with fish hitting everything from small jigs to topwater baits. Fish seem to be holding in deeper water but coming up shallow to feed. Look for rocky/sandy shorelines that drop off to deep water.

Crappie–The crappie bite has probably been the toughest one lately. Many anglers are struggling just to find decent crappie and the ones that do aren’t having very much success catching more than just a couple. It sounds like they are schooling up in the basins and moving a lot. Work baits like small beetle spins, or jigs with platics/minnows down into the schools and pick them apart.

Perch/Bluegill–These panfish have still been pretty easy to catch in shallow weeds and off of piers and docks. Crawlers and leaf worms still seem to be getting it done for both of these species. I’m not hearing anything on any great sizes of panfish but they are consistent and can provide a nice fish fry after a day on the water.