Ice travel seems to be better as we are pretty much down to just the hard pack snow.  Still plenty of safe ice out there, but be cautious around creek inlets and the shorelines as the ice will get thin there first.  If you are planning on going out this week, remember licenses expire on Thursday the 31st and the big chip is lowering the daily limit on panfish to 10 fish combined species.  The crappie bite has been pretty good.  Not much is changing in the way of tactics as most of the panfish are relating to shallow weed beds that are starting to see some longer light conditions.  Some guys are already moving on to open water down south so the fishing should be good with less pressure!
Crappie–Shallow bays  that have good light penetration and weeds will be holding fish.  Find fish in 7-10 feet of water and use small jigs tipped with waxies or plastics and in some cases crappie minnows.
Bluegill–Bluegills and pumpkin seeds should be relating to the same areas as the crappie, and using the same tactics should catch fish.  Small jigs with plastics or waxies are a great bait choice.
Perch–Jigging spoons fished aggressivley around the deep weed edges should find perch.  Tip them with multiple waxies or minnow heads to entice bigger fish.