Good afternoon from the Quiet Lakes, I apologize for the later report. We have company in town and it slipped my mind to get you the report this morning. A slight cool down this weekend and then temps warm up and look to stay there for a while. I am seeing pretty decent chances of rain early this week and then again next weekend. We still need as much rain as we can get to help keep the lakes in decent shape for the fishing opener. It sounds like Moose Lake and the Chip are really the two main concerns at this point, all of the other lakes in the area are at good water levels.

A few anglers have been in the bait shop and doing okay finding fish. It sounds like the crappie were up shallow on the lake they were fishing and they found perch slightly deeper. They also reported to see some weeds growing as well. The crappie and perch were all caught on nightcrawlers (which is somewhat odd for this time of year) which tells me fish are active and hungry. A simple little spinner blade jig under a slip bobber is how they were catching fish.

Only two weeks left to get the boats ready and the chores done before we get to the fishing opener! Turkey seasons are also underway and while I have seen a lot around I have not heard of any successful hunts as of yet. I will be trying to fill my tag starting May 1st. Good luck to all who have tags for this year!!

That is about all I have for this week, still not many anglers out quite yet but that should change with the warmer weather we have coming this week. Have a great weekend and we will talk soon!