Good morning, almost unbelievable weather right now for this time of year…….a high of almost 50 degrees and rain for Xmas eve?!?!?!?!  These next 4 days will really test the ice in which I have heard mixed reports on anyway so far this season.  This week I have been hearing anywhere from 4-6″ on most of the smaller/medium sized lakes in the area.  I have also heard that Round, LCO, and Grindstone all had lots of open water on them so it really varies from lake to lake.  As mentioned above, the next four days will be well above freezing both day and night, and they are calling for a good amount of precipitation as well. We have absolutely zero snow cover on the ground so for all of the ski/snowboard/snowshoe enthusiasts your winter is getting a late start.  

Some anglers have been out fishing, they seem to be doing well in and around shallow weeds for panfish and crappie.  Tip-ups set up around the area are providing anglers with some bass and pike action as well.  Not much else to report on a bite as anglers are not traveling to far out or across lakes right now.  The ice is just to sketchy for that.  If you venture out over this holiday week be sure to CHECK ice every few steps!! I know, I know, I keep saying it, but it really is necessary on all of our area lakes right now.  I have not heard anyone out fishing river systems, but this would be the year to do it, as most of them are wide open from what I have seen driving around.  Grab a spinning rod, some small Mepps inline spinners and start walking the banks!

Unfortunately that is all I have for this week.  The weather does look to drop below freezing after the first of the year and looks to stay that way from the forecast I check regularly.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!