Good morning from the quiet lakes, another early report as we have another weekend out of town for hockey!  The current forecast has weather absolutely up and down from today through the end of next week.  Then things look to level off above freezing after that.  High temp on Monday of 55 and low Tuesday night of 7 with a 40% chance of snow.  Honestly it is kind of fitting for how this winter has been, mostly mild and very little precipitation of any kind.  

The fishing has continued to be good and we should have safe ice until the game fish season is over next weekend.  I am hearing pretty consistent reports of 8-10″ on lakes without moving water.  Some of the lakes that have river systems through them are a little less, but it sounds like safe ice regardless.  On Moose for example I am hearing about 6-8″.  Always be sure to CHECK, CHECK, CHECK ice this time of year as conditions can change rapidly with big warm ups like we have had.  

Targeting fish has been pretty consistent all winter as well.  It seems like the predator fish (walleye, pike, musky) have all been relating to shallower structure be it weeds, rocks, or cribs.  Look for those fish anywhere from 6-12 FOW and anywhere that structure transitions into the basin.  Walleye suckers, Shiners, and even Northern suckers under tip-ups or systems like jaw jackers have all been producing fish.  I have not heard of anglers jigging up many big predator fish but that is possible on these spots as well.  Panfish have also been fairly predictable so far this winter with all species relating somewhat to the basins.  Crappie have still been deep (relative to the lake) anywhere from 20-25 FOW, Perch still in that 10-15 FOW range and bluegill holding tighter to cover and structure anywhere from 6-12 FOW.  Anglers are doing well catching them on jigs, small spoons, and jigging type minnow baits.  Most are tipping those with waxies, plastics or pieces of minnow heads or tails.  

There is still time to head up and chase some gamefish through the ice! Gamefish closes next weekend (March 3rd) and by then the ice may be sketchy so head up and get on some late ice fish!! In non fishing related news, the Birkie is going on this weekend up in Cable and has been this past week. Good luck and congratulations to all that are going to/have skied so far!