Good morning from the Quiet Lakes, we did not get much snow from the first round that came through on Thursday night, but Sunday night into Monday could be a different story.  It has scaled way back with supposed snow totals ranging from 9-12″ forecasted (first reports were 16-31″).  That system is supposed to have a good amount of rain on the back end of it, so I don’t think those totals are too much to worry about.  The rest of the week looks to stay in the mid to upper 40s so the snow won’t last long.  We desperately need the precipitation as lakes like the Chippewa Flowage and Moose Lake are down almost 5′.  

I have no reports on fishing, as it has been very quiet in the shop and haven’t heard anything from anyone else.  I think most lakes have formed a crust of ice on them/ or at least on the shorelines/ramps as it has been pretty chilly this week, further hindering anglers from getting out.  

Now is a great time to take and get boats/gear ready for the upcoming season!  Make sure batteries are charged and electrical systems are working, double check boat plugs to make sure they aren’t missing/rotted, go through rods/reels making sure no eyelets are broken or missing.  Respooling is a good idea especially on spinning reels as they tend to coil up more than casting reels.  Make sure all of your terminal tackle is stocked (snaps, swivels, hooks, etc.)

That’s about all I got for this week and as much as I don’t want to see the white stuff this time of year, it should help with the drought we are seeing right now.