Good morning, the weather pattern has definitely changed since last week!  This weekend looks to be 50/50 as far as precipitation goes.  Air temperatures look to be upper 50s to low 60s until next weekend and then a possible warm up.  Weather always affects fishing and this last week was no different.  It pretty much brought fishing to a halt around here!
Musky–The musky bite had been pretty consistent up until the overnight lows really started to drop.  The water is cooling down nicely now (currently mid 60s on most lakes) and the fish that are getting put on the musky board are as well.  The last few fish have come on Suicks and suckers so the bite is changing.  Slow down the presentations a bit and work spots a little longer.  Active fish may still hit baits like bucktails and it is always wise to throw those as they cover a lot of water, but also start throwing jerkbaits, gliders, topwaters, and start dabbling in live bait.  Focus should still be on weed edges and in weed beds or shallower structure.
Northern pike–Smaller floating crank/twitch baits have been getting most northern pikes’ attention lately.  Work these baits over the weed tops and on the deeper weed edges to get bit.  Live bait is always a good option for pike as well, with fatheads on jigs, or smaller walleye suckers/chubs getting hit by pike as well.
Walleye–The walleye bite has been a tough one lately.  Jigging the deep weed edges with a fathead minnow is a good place to start.  Also jigging raps are productive right now as long you aren’t working heavy wee cover. Rocky/sandy bottom would be better for baits like that.  Most times though pitching a jig out with live bait and working it back to the boat is going to get you bit.
Largemouth bass–Not much on a largemouth bite as of late.  They are still out there, just not getting targeted much this time of year.  If you are targeting them top water baits, jerk baits, crank baits and bladed jig baits are good choices.  Smaller bait fish will be  schooling up shallower and largemouth will follow.
Smallmouth bass–Crank baits and jigs worked towards bottom are great for targeting smallies right now.  Drop shots held just off bottom work great too. Focus on the deeper transitions from shallower rocks/sand where it goes out into the basin.  
Crappie–Crappie are in transition mode right now as well, and they are scattered throughout the water column.  In some lakes they will be relating to the deeper weed edges that transition into the basin.  Crappie will be schooled up hugging bottom so work baits close to bottom.  Slip bobbers with minnows or jigs with minnows and plastics are great options to get to deeper crappie.
Bluegill/Perch–The panfish bite is still consistent with crawlers under bobbers.  Nothing new in that aspect and doesn’t really change until we get to hard water.  
Hopefully the bite will get a little better with some stable weather here in the next 15 days.  Have a great weekend!