Good morning, cold nights are definitely starting to ice up some of the shallow bays and standing water in the area.  It will still be a few weeks before we can even think about setting foot on it, but it will get there.  No snow in the forecast for the seeable future so that should help to make good ice as well.  The last I heard the water temps were around 36-38 degrees.  On bigger lakes anglers could still get out to chase fish in open water and some are still doing that.  I have heard the musky bite has still been pretty good for the folks willing to go out, with anglers having multiple fish days and lots of action in short time.  

Musky–Like I said anglers are still doing well with Musky on most of the lakes around here.  Using suckers is catching most all of the fish from what I am hearing.  Anglers are finding fish off of points, deep edges of weed beds, and mid lake structure.  

Northern pike–No report on a northern pike bite.  

Walleye–I know a few anglers have been after walleye, but have not heard on how they did good or bad.  Fish should be pushing up into shallower water for the first ice bite, look for fish up on shallow points, mid lake humps, and shallow water adjacent to the basins of the lake.

LMB/SMB–No report on bass at all.

Crappie–I have heard nothing on a crappie bite as of late.  They should also be pushing up to shallower water for first ice.  The best bet would be live bait under a bobber or tightlining a jig with live bait next to the boat.  

Bluegill/Perch–Really no report on panfish right now either.  Panfish should be in and around shallow weeds as well as ice season approaches.  Jigs tipped with waxies or plastics under a bobber or straight jigged should work well.  

Grasping at straws right now to put any kind of report together.  Hardly any anglers and definitely into the transition where we wait for ice so we can get back out there.  The woods have seemed pretty quiet for gun season as well from what everyone has told me.  A few doe and some small bucks taken, but not much as far as giants in the woods.  Have a great weekend and we will talk soon.