Good morning from the Quiet Lakes, some much needed rain has fallen since yesterday afternoon, with wet conditions continuing on and off through Tuesday. Tomorrow we see a dip in temps down to the 40s but the rest of the week and opening weekend look to be nice with temps in the 50s and 60s. As of the forecast now, it’s going to be dry for the opener, but that is a little far out for an accurate weather forecast in my opinion!

The crappie and panfish bite has been heating up from what I am gathering from anglers in the area. Crappie seem to be up shallow on top of weed beds and eating everything thrown at them. Anglers have said crawlers, crappie minnows, and leeches (yes we have panfish leeches in stock already! ). Work these baits under a bobber on a small jig hook or plain hook. Anglers have found perch a little deeper in 8-10 FOW using the same set ups.

Only one week until opener and everything seems to be shaping up nicely for anglers. Moose lake is at full pool and the Chip is somehow coming up also, most of the other lakes in the area have good water levels so anglers should have no issues getting to their favorite spots. I am also hearing early reports from the fisheries guys that the lakes they have sampled so far are returning great results, with great numbers of all species of fish in both size and quantity. If you haven’t been through your boats yet, now is the time to do it! Make sure batteries are charged, plugs are in good shape, lights/electronics are working properly and the motor starts and is running smoothly. Nothing worse than figuring that out in the middle of the lake…….. I’ve been there…..twice! But those are stories for another time. Have a great weekend everyone!