Good morning, great weather on tap for the next week to get things wrapped up outside.  Probably not such great weather for hunting/fishing.  I have always seemed to have my best days when the weather has been less than desirable!  Fishing has been pretty good over all and the musky bite continues to be solid.

Musky–The musky bite has been great and should continue as we still have stable weather for the next week or so.  Should only get better chances at bigger fish as the water keeps cooling and weather is good.  Most action is on suckers rigged on quick strike rigs, and I have heard some fish being taken on gliders as well.  Fish are relating to points, weeds, humps and edges.  

Northern pike– Northern pike are also hitting suckers pretty regularly right now as they don’t normally pass up an easy meal.  Northern can still be caught casting and using jerk baits, gliders, spinner baits and even bigger jigs with trailers will work well.  Fish any structure and pretty much anywhere in the water column to find Northern pike right now.

Walleye–Jigging for fall walleye is a top tactic and for good reason, it catches fish!  Jigs tipped with a fathead around weeds and rocks is the ticket.  Start shallow as bait fish will be up there hiding from predators.  If you aren’t finding them up shallow work deeper edges of weeds and points that drop off into deeper water.

Largemouth bass–Not much again this week to report on largemouth bass.  Targeting largemouth is not very common up here this time of year.  Spinner baits worked slower to get a little deeper and crank baits that get down in the water column are good choices to start with to find bass.  

Smallmouth bass–Smallies will be staging up in deeper water and using jigs tipped with minnows is a great way to fish them.  Jigs with plastics and deep running crank baits will catch active fish as well.  Look for deep water hard and soft bottom transitions occur.  

Crappie–Crappie will be schooling up in deep holes and basins in the lakes.  If you find them in these locations this time of year there is a good chance they will be there for first ice as well.  Small jigging raps and other style jigging baits work fantastic this time of year.  You don’t have to be super aggressive with the jigging as these baits are light enough just twitching will work fine.  Remember deep is relative on every lake you are on.  

Bluegill/Perch–Panfish should still be hiding up in green weeds.  Look for good green cabbage and milfoil that is not super thick and you will find good numbers of panfish.  Small jigs tipped with crappie minnows or plastics will still put fish in the boat.  Use them under a bobber or just jig them over the side of the boat with no float.  

I hope everyone gets out and enjoys the weather while it lasts!  Have a great weekend.