Good morning, great weather for this weekend, and really all week is looking pretty good.  Not sweltering and not too cold for this time of year!  Fishing overall has been a bit tough, but the ski’s have been heating up just in the last few days.  Water temps are at a good point to target all species safely and with the cooler nights they should stay pretty consistent.  Here is a rundown for last week and the week ahead.
Musky–The musky bite is heating up, both in numbers being caught and the size of the fish going up.  Most fish are still being taken on bucktails/spinner baits with bright colors being the most popular.  There has been a few daytime bites, but most are coming at dawn/dusk periods.  Fish are still relating to the deep weed edges and a little bit deeper structure.
Northern Pike–Lots of northern being caught from bass and musky anglers alike.  Fast moving baits like spinner baits and crankbaits seem to be the ticket.  Focus on the weeds where prey fish are trying to hide from predators.  Weed edges both shallow and deep will be holding fish this time of year.
Walleye–The walleye bite has been a bit tough the last couple of weeks, but the fish that are being caught seem to be good quality fish.  Walleye seem to be holding out on deeper structure off of main lake humps and points.  Jigs tipped with minnows and leeches are still producing fish for most guys.  
Largemouth bass–Lots of bass being caught on artificial and live bait right now.  Fishing off of docks with nightcrawlers is working well, as are spinner baits through weed cover.  Shallow heavy weed cover can be a good spot and using weedless worms or jigs/trailers down through the cover works well to put big bass in the boat.
Smallmouth bass–The smallmouth bite has been in line with the walleye bite and guys/gals are finding both species in the same locations using the same techniques.  Deeper water with rocks/structure are holding fish and jigging with leeches or minnows seems to be doing the trick.
Crappie–Another tough bite has been the crappie lately.  Not a lot to report, but fish seem to be holding tight to cover near bottom.  Just inside deep weed edges where they are hiding from predators.  Small jig heads tipped with minnows under a bobber are still producing more than anything else.
Bluegill–Wax worms on small jigs, nightcrawlers on plain hooks and panfish leeches on either one are all catching gills’ right now.  Most are being caught up tight against shoreline structure/weeds and off of docks.  
Perch–Perch are still mixing it up with crappie from what I am being told.  Minnows seem to be the ticket in catching perch right now and using a bobber with a jig under it is the preferred technique.  
I know not a ton of info but we are in the summer doldrums so just getting out and locating fish is key.