Good morning from the Quiet Lakes, the weather the past week definitely slowed down getting the boats out on the water.  All told we got about 10″ of snow and most lakes have at least some ice on them.  Not enough ice to not get out, but enough to be a hindrance to do so.  Plus most of the landings still have some snow on them and thats just another mess to deal with!  The next week looks to be going in the right direction as far as the weather goes, low to mid 40s all week and upper 50s for next weekend with very little chances of rain until after next weekend.

Still nothing to report on fishing, nothing for any of the inland lakes.  I know a few anglers have been up on Lake Superior trolling for Coho and doing decent.  I have not heard much on anglers fishing rivers/streams and most are running  so low it would be hard to access most spots.

That is all I got for this week.  Very dismal report but that’s the truth of it right now. Next weekend looks (as of right now) to be a great weekend to get out and make sure the boat is ready to go, and potentially chase some crappie!  Have a great weekend and we will talk soon.