Hot, Hot, Hot that is the weather forecast for this weekend and through the beginning of next week. We have set record high temperatures for the last two day. That said be sure to pack a lot of sun screen lotion and a good pair of sunglasses. Oh yes, the bugs are out also so some repellent will come in handy also. Hot days, warmer water and better fishing is here.

Pan fishing has been excellent this past week. Crappie and bluegill have been in the shallows finishing up their spawn cycle. Some smaller fish still remain in the shallows, but the larger ones have moved to deeper water. Anglers have done quite well fishing in 3 to 5 feet of water. A slip bobber rig with a small hook and a crappie minnow has been the best tactic. Some anglers are using feather jigs and wax worms for the bluegill, sunfish and perch. Have not had any reports back from angler using night crawlers or leaf worms.

Bass, both species, are now in the shallows for their spawn cycle. Largemouth season is open now, but smallmouth season still closed until the 19th of June, catch and release only. Smaller plastics, swimbaits and surface lures have all taken fish. Northern pike still roam the shallow waters looking a easy meal of panfish so do not be surprised to hook up with one of them. If you target is northern then set up off the drops and cast towards the shoreline. Spinnerbaits, bucktails, swimbaits and crankbaits will to the trick. For more action for your lure hang a split tail grub on the hook.

Walleye have long finished their spawn and have moved to deeper waters. Soma anglers have taken some walleye out of the deeper holes. But it appears that the best times for walleye fishing has been in the early morning and late afternoon hours into dark. Best bait has been a jig and minnow combinations, but a few anglers are now reporting some good action with leeches.

Musky action has had no reported success. In fact of all the ones recorded on our board, 5 of them, have been caught by walleye anglers using a jig and minnow. The serious musky angling will start later.