Fishing report 16 July 2022

Good morning from the bait shop, the fishing report is not looking great this week as the fishing has been inconsistent and it appears the summer doldrums are here.  It is looking like a mixed bag for weather again this week starting out hot, then getting some precipitation mid week and looks to be stable by the end of the week with temps in the mid 80s.  Maybe this warm front and cool down will get fish moving a little bit.

Musky–Musky are biting, however they seem to be on the smaller end of the tape measure with not many fish at all over 40″ being reported.  They still seem to be on a small bucktail bite around weeds.  Most fish are being caught on Mepps #5s or Mepps Musky Killers from what I am hearing.  Focus on good weed beds and at dawn and dusk the topwater bite should see some action as well.
Northern pike–The northern pike bite has also been a bit slow for this time of year.  There are still fish around, they just do not seem to be very active right now.  Down sizing baits and slowing down the presentation can make negative/neutral fish eat.  Pike should still be relating to the weeds both in thick weed beds and off of the edges so be sure to fish through spots thoroughly.
Walleye–Mid summer patterns should see walleye relating to deeper structure, although that is completely subjective and relative to the lake/lakes you want to fish.  Some guys are still jigging with fatheads on deeper structure and others are using leeches under slip bobbers and some are pulling crawler harnesses slowly over and around these spots.
Largemouth bass–Lots of reports of good size largemouth being caught on topwater baits right now.  Frogs, small whopper ploppers and baits that stay up over the weeds and around lily pads are producing well.  Live bait is working well too for fish that are in deeper weeds with night crawlers and fathead minnows under bobbers catching fish.
Smallmouth bass–Deep structure (rocks/logs/cribs) are holding smallmouth and jumbo leeches jigged or on hooks under slip bobbers still catching good fish.  Bouncing crankbaits off of rocks is a good way to catch smallies as well.
Crappie–The crappie seemed to have scattered and some fish are out in the basins schooled up and others are still mixing it up in the weeds.  Small hair jigs tipped with waxies or crappie minnows and even plain hooks tipped with either has been working.  Work deeper weed edges and main lake structure over deeper water to find them.
Perch/Bluegill–Live bait under bobbers will catch perch/bluegill anytime of year and pretty much under any conditions.  If fishing off of the dock little chunks of nightcrawler are tough to beat.  If out on the main lake, nightcrawlers, panfish leeches and crappie minnows all work great.  Find weed beds that are near sandy shorelines and fish on the shallow edges and just into the weeds.  Casting out small hair jigs or small spinning baits with plastics on them such as beetle spins or mister twisters can also be great for panfish in summer.
Hope you guys can get out and enjoy the woods/waters!

Fishing report 09 July 2022

Good morning, looks like storms are going to roll through from Sunday night into Tuesday, but looks good after that.  Low to mid 80s the rest of the week and stable.  The fishing action overall has been pretty good, with some crappie and walleye being found scattered throughout the lake.  Musky action is really heating up with our first board of the year almost full!  Here is this weeks breakdown:

Musky–Musky action has been picking up and should continue to be good as we will have some stable weather starting mid week.  Most fish are being caught around weeds and still mainly on smaller baits such as bucktails and crankbaits.  A few fish have hit topwater baits which is another good sign that fish are active.  Casting topwater baits at the edge of lily pad clusters or over main lake weeds on top of bars can be a great way to approach musky this time of year.
Northern Pike–Still lots of action on pike with people catching them on everything from spinnerbaits to beetle spins to live bait.  Pike are still relating weeds and any type of structure holding smaller baitfish.
Walleye–The walleye bite has been up and down the last couple of weeks, not a lot of fish being caught, but good ones when they are.  Still hearing of some fish caught while jigging deeper structure (rocks/wood) and some being taken on bobbers and or rigs with crawlers and leeches.  Every lake is different so look at maps before you go to see what “deep” or “shallow” could mean relative to the lake you are fishing and focus on those spots once you are out on the water.
Largemouth bass–I have not heard from too many guys/gals targeting largemouth but a lot of fish are being caught by kids fishing off of the docks with nightcrawlers and some fish on spinnerbaits and plastic worms as well.  The topwater bite should be picking up any day now and casting any kind of weedles offering into heavy lily pads this time of year can produce big bass.
Smallmouth bass–The smallmouth action has still been solid, with lots of reports of fish being caught on leeches in deeper structure.  Ned rigs and other weighted plastic offerings that get down to the zone are also catching good smallies.
Crappie–The crappie bite has been pretty good with lots of fish being caught, however the fish have been on the smaller side.  A good amount of still being taken on live bait and a lot of reports on fish being taken on small jigs/plastics both casted out and retrieved and underneath bobbers.  Crappie seem to be relating to the deeper weed edges in bays or that relate to the basin of the lake.
Perch–The perch bite is still going strong with lots of perch being taken on crappie minnows in and around weeds.  Lots of fish coming off of the docks with small jigs and minnows or little chunks of nightcrawlers.
Bluegill–Not a whole lot on the bluegill bite, but as always leaf worms/waxies/nightcrawlers should always be on hand if you want to catch bluegill.  Whether fishing off of the docks at the house/cabin or fishing in the shallow weed beds around the lake, almost nothing beats a worm on a hook for gills.
Thats all I have for this week, good luck and tight lines if you get out on the water!!