Fishing Report:

It is that time of year again when we should all remind ourselves to be careful on the fresh ice.  Anglers have been traveling the area to find some fishable ice.  However, they are not ready to stampede onto our local waters, especially with temperatures well above freezing this past week.

Every lake is different and conditions can change across just a few feet on the same lake.  Ice conditions on the small shallow lakes as of this write-up ice thickness has been reported to be anywhere from 3 to 6 inches.  Most big, deep lakes are not even fully ice covered yet.  To early for any vehicle traffic. 

Inland lakes are really the only ice fishing opportunities to be had.  Again, the smaller, shallower lakes ice-over first.  Anglers have been finding success setting up setting up tip-ups on shallow flats.  Mostly pike, perch and a few walleyes have been taking.  Set up tip-ups with nylon line tied to a 10 foot depth with a 10lb leader with a double barrel swivel.  Walleye-sized suckers under a small split shot and a bead for added attraction. 

The best bite has been about 3 PM into dark and a little after dark.  Anglers are also getting some catches using jigging small spoons for panfish and perch.  Color has not mattered as much as size of lure, use a smaller sized spoons for this early ice bite. 

If you are going out, do not forget your personal protective equipment and common sense.  Safety items that everyone should be bringing with them includes, a buddy to help any rescue, a life jacket, ice picks,  a spud bar for testing ice, rope and a solid game plan.  It is a common saying in the ice fishing world, but no fish is worth your life.  Also, make sure to check your own ice, and never assume things are good.

This is my last report, another person will be taking my place shortly.  Thank you for reading and thank you for all the kind comments regarding the reports over the years.


August 6, 2021

Hope everyone’s enjoying summer and including lots of barbequing, swimming and of course fishing. Weekend traffic continue to see a lot of people heading north to escape to the wilderness and beautiful waters we Northlanders call home. This past week has finally brought us some much-needed rain to help water levels. Still a long way to go, but it is a start.

Fishing continues to be pretty good depending on where and what you are fishing For. Anglers have been finding good bites on all different types of fisheries. Water surface temperatures on most inland lakes have been in the high 70s for the most part the fish have been seeking cooler parts of the water columns. That means it is best to concentrate your efforts in the mid-depth to deep waters. Of course, time of day continues to be a big variable as well

Area lakes have given up good multi-species bites. Some lakes have been producing good catches on live bait rigging. Large-basin fish have been caught drift jigging or lindy rigging with both minnows, plastics and worms. Look toward areas with mid lake reef humps. Best to concentrate efforts around early mornings or late afternoons into dark, especially if your target is walleye. Do not be afraid to fish after dark as this time of year it can be produce some good fish.

Along deeper weed edges, anglers have been getting good sized panfish by jigging smaller 1/16 oz. jigs tipped with crappie or fathead minnows or plastics. Largemouth bass and northern pike can be found in similar areas, but working larger baits will be best to catch them. Largemouth will also be found in the vegetation and around docks. Topwater baits like frogs, leeches or worms will produce.

Oh, did I mention musky action is still slow. Only a few being caught and mostly small ones.

On a side note, we are now in the midst of summer, so a little tip to help keep fish swimming strong. Keep your livewell full of oxygenated water. That way, if you get a good fish for a picture, you can let it recuperate before releasing it.