Fishing report 08 July 2023

Good morning, great weather on tap for this weekend and the coming week. Only slight chances of rain today Monday and Wednesday. Temps look to stay in the 70s until at least next weekend and the last few nights have cooled down nicely keeping the water temps in a good spot. I am hearing low to mid 70s on the lakes by us. The cool down has turned the fish on a little bit from what I am hearing so let’s jump into the report….

Musky–The musky bite has overall been pretty good all year, I am hearing there have been a lot of follows all year and in the past few days most of those fish have been eating. Small baits are still hot with many fish coming from smaller bucktails, spinnerbaits and even some bass lures. I have heard a few fish being caught on bigger Medussas, Bulldawgs, and tubes as well so if something doesn’t seem to be working, mix it up a bit. Look for fish around structure such as points, neckdowns, weeds, rocks or any kind of timber that could be holding baitfish.

Northern–If you are targeting pike, the bite has been great all year. Anglers are catching pike on everything from spinnerbaits, bucktails, and topwater baits to nightcrawlers under bobbers and jigs/minnows. Pike have mostly been found in and around shallow weeds in bays off of the main lake. Throw anything and everything in the weeds and on the edges and you will have a great shot and landing some pike.

Walleye–Walleye have seemed to move out a bit deeper lately, but anglers are finding them and the bite seems pretty good. Most anglers have told me you have to let them take the bait for a bit before setting the hook or you will come up empty. Anglers are finding fish on the deep weed edges that drop off out into the basin. Slip bobbers with leeches under them seem to be working the best right now also.

Largemouth bass–Loads of largemouth have been caught so far this year, lots on crawlers and plastic worms and lots on topwater baits such as frogs and prop style baits. Most of the fish on crawlers have been caught by anglers panfishing in shallow weedy areas of the lake. Frogs and prop style baits have mainly been worked over lily pads and emergent reed beds. Spinnerbaits and small inline spinners have worked well also when thrown into weedy cover.

Smallmouth bass–Great numbers of smallmouth have been caught this year so far as well. Lots of fish being caught on leeches while fishing for walleye so look for smallies in those same areas. I am hearing lots of good size to them and some amazing battles with these fish. If leeches don’t work, deep diving cranks, ned rigs, and even drop shot rigs will all produce for smallies. Look for fish in deeper water (deep weed edges, deep rocks, main lake points that extend into the basin).

Crappie–The crappie bite went cold for a little bit, but they seem to be heating up again. Anglers are finding fish in weed beds at kind of a mid depth range 6-10 FOW and crappie minnows rigged on small jigs/bare hooks under bobbers seem to be the ticket. It sounds like anglers have had to weed through a bunch of small fish before getting into some nicer ones while they are out.

Bluegill/perch–I have not heard much on anglers targeting these panfish, but we have been selling a LOT of nightcrawlers and it sounds like kids and adults alike have been catching lots of fish from docks/piers wherever they are staying. Shallow cover or inside weed edges would be good spots to start if wanting to fish for them out on the boat. Simple set ups with bobbers and plain hooks tipped with a chunk of crawlers should work just fine.

Crazy to think we are already past the 4th, but summer is in full swing and the weather and fish have been cooperating for the most part!! Everyone have a great weekend and we will talk soon!


Fishing report 01 July 2023

Good morning, weather will be great this weekend and now it looks like there are no chances of rain until the 4th.  Time will tell if it hampers fireworks shows or not….While that rain early in the week helped get everything green again, it didn’t significantly help the lakes.  I have heard the water came up a few inches or so.  I have not been told of any issues at the boat ramps so I think everything is good there.  Water temps are still holding in the mid to upper 70s right now.  Fishing has been tough this past week as most anglers are struggling to find some species of fish.  The panfish bite continues to be hot and it sounds like all species of bass have still been very active.

Musky–The musky bite has been ok with anglers seeing a good amount of fish but not connecting on a lot of them.  I am also hearing that fish have been up shallow as of late.  Small fast moving baits seem to be getting the most looks and catches right now.  If you “raise” a fish early in the day on a fast moving bait but they don’ts commit, keep a mental note and come back to that area during a peak time (moon rise, set, overhead, underfoot, dusk) and fish that same bait or slow it down and hang a bait like a glider or jerkbait in its face! Topwaters are an excellent choice in that dusk/twilight time as you can hear where your bait is to know how close you are to the boat and is a good reference for hook sets if you get a strike.

Northern pike–The pike still seem to be eating everything as I have had walleye anglers telling me they are catching them on jig/leech or crawler or minnow set ups.  Bass anglers are also catching fish on everything from top water frogs to spinner baits.  Look for fish in shallow bays with weeds.

Walleye–The walleye bite has slowed considerably (at least by us) with anglers struggling to find fish.  On some lakes I am hearing to continue to fish the deep weed edges while on others anglers are finding fish in 20-25 FOW.  It sounds like finesse presentations are doing better than aggressive ones.

Largemouth bass–The largemouth bite continues to be strong with anglers catching bass on everything from frogs to spinners to panfish set ups with just a hook and a nightcrawler.  Fish are up shallow and in thick cover such as lily pads, pockets of milfoil, and cabbage.

Smallmouth bass–The smallmouth bite has been good too, and anglers seem to still be finding fish shallow on sandy bottom.  Ned rigs and plastic worms are producing right now.  

Crappie–The crappie have kind of scattered and some anglers are finding fish relating to the basin while others are finding the occasional slab while working through weed beds.  Crappie minnows, gulp and small plastic grubs seem to be doing well catching crappie right now.  

Bluegill/perch–Both of these panfish are in shallow water and the bite has been good.  A friend and myself caught a couple of dinks trolling for walleye last weekend and I have had many anglers in the bait shop telling me perch are stealing their small leeches while fishing for other species.  Bluegill are being caught mostly on leaf worms, waxies and crawlers on bare hooks or jigs under a bobber.  

Have a safe and fun 4th of July and we will talk soon!