Fishing report for 21 May 2022

Good morning, cooler temps this week have slowed the bite down a little bit.  Still hearing about a good crappie bite, haven’t heard a whole lot on Walleye this week.  Shallow weedy bays have been the ticket for catching all species that are open right now.

Walleye–Still hearing reports of Walleye up pretty shallow around and near weedy bays.  Jigs tipped with fatheads seems to be the go to approach.  Start your approach shallow and work through the weeds to the deep edge.
Northern Pike–Northern have been hitting walleye suckers under floats in and around the weeds.  Casting spinnerbaits/crankbaits will also work well for aggressive Northern that are preying on baitfish.
Largemouth Bass–The largemouth bite has been pretty solid with a lot of reports of bass being caught while jigging for walleye and hitting float set ups with fatheads underneath them.
Smallmouth Bass–Nothing noteworthy to report on smallies, but fish should be locating on deeper points/transitions/humps with rocks/sand on them.  Jigging with tubes/plastics/fatheads and livebait work well.
Crappie–The crappie bite has been hot up shallow in the weeds.  Bare hooks and small jigs underneath floats tipped with crappie minnows/tattle tails/small plastic grubs have all been catching limits of fish.  Colors in pink, white and chartreuse all seem to be good as well.
Bluegill–Nightcrawlers and leafworms off of the docks have been catching good bluegill.  Shallow sandy shorelines where bluegill are starting to make beds should be the focus if you want to target them.
Perch–Perch are mixing with crappie in the shallow weeds and also off of the docks with the bluegill.  Perch are notorious for stealing crappie minnows off of hooks before anglers get a chance to lift their rods.  If you are losing minnows to perch it is wise to change it up to a small plastic as it last through a lot more fish, or go up in size to deter smaller fish from stealing your bait.

Fishing report for 14 May 2022

Good morning, crazy weather thus far for spring!  And to think 2 weeks ago we still had snow on the ground!  Weather looks like it will settle a little bit next week as far as temps go, with some rain later in the week.  I am hearing good crappie fishing on all 3 lakes closest to us here at the bait shop.  Walleye has been pretty good too and hearing some bass are in the mix when jigging for walleye.

Walleye–Walleye fishing has been pretty good, with most fish I am hearing reports on coming from a jig and minnow up pretty shallow.  Keeping it simple, just pitching a jig and minnow out and working it with twitches back to the boat.  Look for 5-10 feet of water where weeds are starting to emerge on the lake.
Northern Pike–Not much to report on Northern, but they will eat anything you are throwing right now.  They will eat jigs and minnows, minnows under bobbers while crappie fishing or spinnerbaits while fishing for bass!   If you want to target Northern Pike, I would go with spinnerbaits, inline spinners such as a smaller Mepps or even slowing it down and using walleye/northern suckers under a bobber.  Crankbaits such as Rapalas can also be good.
Largemouth–I have been hearing reports of some nice bass being caught while pitching jigs for Walleye.  Largemouth will be in these same weedbeds as they are gearing up for spawning in the shallow sandy bottoms of the lake.
Smallmouth–Smallmouth can also be caught while jigging for Walleye as they sort of mimic the same patterns throughout the year.  The smallmouth will be holding a little tighter to rocky points that extend into the basin.  Jigging with minnows or casting deep cranks can catch fish.
Crappie–The crappie bit has been pretty good with lots of people catching fish on minnows on smaller plain hooks/jigs tipped with crappie minnows.  Look for emerging weeds in 7-10 feet of water.
Bluegill/Perch–Worms under a bobber off of the pier is a timeless classic for Bluegill and Perch.  Shallow water and nightcrawlers/leaf worms or small plastics under the bobber will always catch fish.