Fishing report 17 September 2022

Good morning, isn’t it always great when they get the weather wrong!?!? Haha, we got very little rain yesterday and it didn’t start until after dark, although we could use a good soaker rain as all of the lakes are pretty low.  The rest of the weekend looks pleasant, temps will be comfortable and the only chance of rain is late tonight.  While the weather has been better, the fishing has slowed down quite a bit.  Here is this weeks rundown…..

Musky–The musky action continues to be consistent with lots of fish being seen and a fair number hitting the net.  Bucktails have been good, as have top water baits.  Some fish are eyeing up jerk baits as well.  Musky are still relating to weeds and structure relatively shallow depending on what lake you are on.  Water levels are low, so some structure may hold fish shallower than you would think.

Northern Pike–The northern bite has still been good, mostly on bucktails and spinner baits.  Some things never change!!  They have also been blowing up smaller top water baits over weeds and around lily pads as well.  Look for weed beds with lots of baitfish dimpling the surface and there is a good chance a predator will be underneath/around them.

Walleye–I wish I had a better report for a walleye bite but I do not…….Jigs tipped with fat head minnows seem to still be the most popular way to go to target eyes’ right now.  I would start shallower than you think you need to and work deeper if need be.  Start out on rocks/wood/weeds and anywhere else that will hold bait fish and where the bigger fish will follow. Work the edges of the structure with the jig and minnow, and if they are not hitting that, slow down and go finesse with a drop shot tipped with crawler to help hook up with finicky fish.  

Largemouth bass–Largemouth action has still been good on live bait under a float and on smaller artificial baits as well.  Swim jigs with plastic trailers, spinner baits/buzz baits, and even smaller top water baits are still catching numbers of bass.  Again, focus should be working weed beds/edges and shore line weeds as well.

Smallmouth bass–Tube jigs, crank baits, jigs tipped with fatheads and anything worked toward bottom on deeper structure is a good place to start in your search for smallies.  I don’t have a lot in actual fish catch reports, but smallies should be holding in deeper water this time of year.  

Crappie–The crappie bite has probably slowed down the most of any fish lately.  I am hearing mixed things of some being out in the basins and some still being caught on weed edges that head towards the basin.  Crappie minnows on small jigs under slip floats seem to be producing best.  Use your electronics to find schools of fish and try to pick them apart once you do!

Bluegill/perch–Not much has changed in the way to fish for panfish.  Nightcrawlers underneath a float in and around docks/piers is pretty much the way to go.  If you are in the boat, focus on the shallow weed edges closest to shore or lay down timber on shorelines as well.  Panfish will hide out from predators in the shallow weeds and in the timber.  Small hair jigs tipped with waxies can still be a great option as well for panfish this time of year.

I know it’s not the report everyone wants to hear but, such is fishing!!!!  For other outdoor enthusiasts, a few of the hunting seasons are now underway as well.  Archery & Crossbow, Bear, fall Turkey, and youth Duck seasons all start today September 17th.  If you get out in the woods or on the water, good luck!!


Fishing report 10 September 2022

Good morning, some cooler weather on tap for this weekend with a slight chance of rain.  Temps look good through next week, low to mid 70s and only a few chances of rain.  The better news are the lows at night which look to be in the 40s and 50s.  That should help get the water temps back down to where we can target big fish without putting too much strain on them while handling them!  Fishing overall has been pretty solid lately, muskies still very active, crappie out deep where you would expect them, and bass and northern still willing  to cooperate.

Musky–Musky action has STILL been good on smaller bucktails and faster moving baits.  Mepps Musky killers and Mepps #5s have been solid all year and still continue to be right now.  I still have people coming into the bait shop saying they are working these baits over the weeds and seeing fish.  Lots of follows and a fair amount of people hooking up and catching fish on them as well.  I thought the cold front that came in last week would have changed up the pattern a bit, but that did not seem to happen.  Start with fast moving baits over and around weed beds/edges and slow down if that is not working.  

Northern pike–Northern pike seem to still be very active as well, hitting these same bucktails and spinner baits.  Work these same weed beds/edges where you would target musky and likely you will find pike.  You can also try smaller baits such as Rapala Shad Raps, bass sized chatter baits, and even beetle spins will entice pike to eat.

Walleye–The walleye bite has been a bit tougher lately, however I have heard a lot on the crappie being out in the basin, so my guess is walleye will be schooling up out in the depths as well.  Slip bobbers with jigs and live bait seems one of the best ways to target deep walleye right now.  Rocky deep points that lead out to the basin is a good place to start your search.  In some lakes jigging raps worked aggressively can work well, as can just jigging live bait along bottom.

Largemouth bass–The largemouth bite has still been pretty good, mainly on spinner baits worked through vegetation in shallow bays.  Swim jigs worked through cover has been good as well, and live bait seems to always catch as well.

Smallmouth bass– Smallies are being caught on deeper parts of the lake with structure (wood,rocks,cribs) and most are coming on finesse plastics worked near bottom.  Drop shotting and wacky rigged worms are working from what I am told.  My guess is you may run into a walleye or two fishing this way also so it never hurts to try new things.  

Crappie–Most of the crappie have moved into deeper water and are more active when relating close to bottom.  If the crappie are suspended they may not be feeding heavily, but if they are relating to bottom they will be more apt to take the bait.  Mimic minnows and beetle spins cast out and worked towards bottom has been working well to catch fish, and I would bet small jigs tipped with crappie minnows under slip bobbers would be great to pick apart the schools of crappie.

Bluegill/perch–Not much to say in the way of bluegill and perch, both species can be caught shallow mainly off of piers and docks.  Nightcrawlers under a bobber or small hair jigs tipped with waxies always work well to catch panfish.  

Have a great weekend everyone!